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Click on the email link below to send us a photo of the item that you are interested in selling at Cranberry Consignment Gallery (This is mainly for large items and artwork, see FAQ #6 below for more information): CCGobscure

Consignment FAQ

A consignment store showcases and sells your items in return for a percentage of the final sale price. The Consignor (You) owns the items throughout the sales process. The Store and the Consignor do not make any money until the items actually sell. The percentage that you make on the sale depends on the final sale price of the item.
Buying "gently used" items is just smart. You will save money over buying new, and if you can't tell the difference from new, who will? Also, due to our constantly changing inventory you avoid "cookie cutter" decor in your home and you will have a unique shopping experience every time.

Buyers at CCG will notice our price tags are different than other stores. Our prices decrease over time on the tag!

Example item:
Initial selling price of the item upon its arrival to CCG = $100
Item price 30 days after the initial price = $80
Item price 60 days after the initial price = $60
Item price 90 days after the initial price = $50

So, given the above example:
*Shopping the item on day 10 after its arrival would cost you $100.
*Shopping the item on day 65 after its arrival would cost you $60 (if someone else hasn't purchased it first of course).

This systematic markdown of items is very effective at finding the "natural fair market value" of the item, and it just makes shopping more fun as well :).
When selling items yourself, you are inconvenienced with many annoying variables: advertising, garage sales, pricing adjustments, meeting with strangers in your own home for larger items or needing to drive a far distance to meet with them for small items, phone calls, emails, and texts at all hours, "maybe" buyers, no shows, and bad checks.

Save yourself time, energy, and sanity! We offer you an easy and safe alternative to selling items yourself. We expand the marketability of your item by: attractively displaying your item in our stylish gallery, accepting credit cards, advertising to attract buyers, handling automatic price reductions over time, and most importantly, we work with the buyer so that you don't have to!
We accept quality pre-owned furniture, home goods, and artwork.

Our list of acceptable items includes the following (as a sampling): chairs, benches, tables, bookcases, dressers, chests/trunks, nightstands, curios, desks, modern "flatscreen TV" compact media centers, wine racks, decorative bowls/baskets/boxes, unique/vintage decorative items, framed mirrors, lamps, framed artwork, pedestals, plant stands, decorative screens, vases/pottery, sculptures/statues... to name a few.

Do you have something to bring in and aren't sure? Please do not hesitate to ask! Simply email us and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
Please do not be offended if we do not accept all of your items. We will not accept items with fading, wear, odors, or pet damage. We retain the right to decline items for consignment based on current inventory levels, asking price, condition, or past experience.

All items must be clean and in good condition. Items that are missing parts or broken will not be accepted.

Definite "Nos": appliances, cars, clothing, electronics (i.e. cameras, computers), mattresses and box springs, sofas/couches, bedding sets, linens, drapes, toys & games, infant furniture & accessories, sports or camping equipment, luggage, unframed artwork/posters, exercise equipment, china cabinets, china sets, pet supplies, personal or medical supplies, paperback books, souvenir items, videos, tapes, CD's, records, building materials, hardware, candles, power tools, and garage sale items (such as "regular" glassware, dishware, bakeware, etc), large/fully upholstered items, large TV entertainment centers, traditional dining sets (but we will consider buffets and servers from traditional sets to sell separately).
For acceptable smaller items (items that one person can easily carry) you may bring up to 15 items maximum per trip, no appointment needed.

When you come into the store with your items, we will go through your items one at a time to determine if the item is a fit for our store and to discuss pricing with you. We will then enter the information and photos into our systems. You will receive your item list and be asked to sign our consignment contract.

Please note that during this process we will ask you for: Your name, address, phone number, and email address during this process. (Please remember, the name and address that you provide will be where we will mail your check for the items that we sell for you.)

For acceptable LARGER items (items requiring two or more people to carry and larger artwork), we require an emailed picture first. This assures that we do not waste your time transporting a large/bulky item to us that may turn out to be unacceptable for consignment at CCG. The top of this webpage has a convenient email link to submit your pictures to us for review.

After we receive your emailed pictures of the large item, we will evaluate whether the item is something we think we have the market for, and we will get back to you (normally within 24 hours). Upon our approval for consignment, you may bring the large item to us during normal business hours.
As you prepare your items for consignment, ask yourself: “Would I buy this item in its current condition?” If the answer is "no", then take a minute to dust, polish, clean, or vacuum your item.

Attention to details will make the difference in how well an item looks and sells. Remember, the key to a profitable sale is quality control and presentation. You will make more money on your items and they will more than likely sell more quickly if they are clean and presentable!
Our consignment period is 90 days as per the consignment contract. At the 80-day point, pickup of your item may occur for a 10-day time period. This 10-day date range is provided to you in our paperwork as a reminder and for your convenience.

Following the 10-day pick-up time frame we reserve the right to:
1. Clearance the item (You will still receive payment if it sells during clearance)
2. Donate the item to charity (obviously no monies to you or to the store, and the item is not retrievable)
3. Dispose of the items (again, obviously no monies to you or to the store, and the item is not retrievable)

To summarize: at day 90 the item becomes ours and we will, (at our discretion/needs of the business), either leave the price at the 90 day price for an extended period of time, clearance the item, donate the item, or dispose of the item.
You will be paid by check via the United States Postal Service. Checks will be processed on the 15th of each month for items sold in the previous month.
There are no hidden or additional fees at Cranberry Consignment Gallery!

It is not uncommon for some consignment shops to have "per item fees", "per check fees", "annual consignor subscriptions", and "administrative fees" just to name a few. And yes, some consignment stores clearance your expired items and then keep ALL of the proceeds for themselves!

CCG wants to be fair with our Consignors and our Buyers so we have chosen not to implement any of these fees into our business model. We only make money when you make money!
Cranberry Consignment Gallery ultimately determines the "initial selling price" of items in our showroom.

However, during the intake process, we will ask you for your thoughts on a "SUGGESTED initial selling price" for the item.

CCG's ultimate "initial selling price" is influenced by the item's: suggested initial price by the Consignor, the item's: age, original cost, condition, and current market demand.

We strive to obtain the best return for your merchandise by improving the odds that your item will sell.

So how do we improve the odds that your items sell? Well, that is where "markdowns" come into play in the next section.
Ultimately, the Buyers in the market have the power to set the "final sale price" of the consigned item through our automatic markdown process.

Our markdown process improves the chance that your item will sell and avoids the need for you to pick up an overpriced item after the 90 day consignment period expires.

Our markdown process occurs in 30-day intervals. The first markdown is at 80% of the initial selling price after 30 days. The second markdown is at 60% of the initial selling price after 60 days. And the third markdown is at 50% of the initial selling price after 90 days.

Example: You bring in an item that you suggest an initial selling price of $100. After researching the market for the item, we determine an initial selling price of $100 is a fair assessment. After 30 days, the price will drop to $80. After another 30 days (60 days total), the price will drop to $60 where it will stay until the 90-day consignment period expires at the $50 price.

Our research within our industry has shown that markdowns simply work. If the price is higher than the fair market value, the price will drop. But, potential buyers will be fearful that they may lose the item at the next price drop date to another buyer. Thus, there is incentive to purchase before a drop in price, not necessarily after a drop in price, as you would initially think.

Example: 10 buyers see the price of $100 as too high. 2 of the buyers are thinking $80 is fair and 4 of the buyers are thinking $60 is fair. The ones waiting for $60 will miss out on the item at the first 30 day price drop to $80. The market will successfully determine a fair price for your item.
The standard in the industry is a 50/50 split regardless of the final price of your consigned item. This means that if the final sale price of an item was $1000 you would receive $500 and the store would receive $500.

We offer variable pricing which benefits our Consignors on higher priced items. Your percentage will change based on the FINAL SALE PRICE of the item. The breakdown is as follows:

-The FINAL SALE PRICE is less than $500 = 50/50 industry standard split (you receive 50%, the store receives 50%)
Example: The FINAL SALE PRICE of an item is $480 (after being marked down from the initial selling price of $600). You receive $240, the store receives $240.

-The FINAL SALE PRICE is greater than or equal to $500 = 60/40 split (you receive 60%, the store receives 40%)
Example: The FINAL SALE PRICE of an item is $1000 (after being marked down from the initial selling price of $1250). You receive $600, the store receives $400.
We will take exceptional care of the items consigned. However, merchandise is the Consignor's until sold. Please cover items of exceptional value under homeowners or renter's insurance policies. We will not be held responsible for any damage, breakage, loss by fire, theft, water, mildew, mold, or other loss to the item.
All sales are final! No returns, refunds, or exchanges. Payments must be made in the store at the time of purchase, phone and online payments are not accepted. We do not offer layaways and we do not accept partial deposits on items.

All items dropped off are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract. Items go directly onto the sales floor as we do not have storage room for items.

Please bring everything you will need to transport your items when you come to pick them up. We do not keep ties, straps, padding, or other transportation items in the store. We will help you load smaller items, but beyond that, they are your responsibility. If the item is large, you must bring help to load/unload the items.